The Ultimate Guide to Day Parties in Barcelona


Welcome to Barcelona, a vibrant city known for its energetic nightlife and sunny weather. While the city is famous for its iconic clubs and bars, it also offers fantastic day parties. In this guide, we will explore the best day parties in Barcelona, providing you with essential information to make the most of your time in the city.

1. Popular Day Party Venues

1.1 Beach Clubs

Barcelona has stunning beaches, and several beach clubs take full advantage of the picturesque surroundings. Some popular beach clubs include:

  • Opium Barcelona: Located right on the beach, Opium Barcelona offers a luxurious atmosphere with top DJs and a beautiful view of the Mediterranean.
  • Pacha Barcelona: A renowned club with a beach club extension, Pacha Barcelona hosts exciting day parties with a mix of electronic music and live performances.
  • CDLC (Carpe Diem Lounge Club): Situated in Port Olímpic, CDLC combines a beach club ambiance with gourmet dining and fantastic music.

1.2 Rooftop Parties

Barcelona’s skyline is adorned with stunning rooftop venues that often host trendy day parties. Some notable rooftop party destinations include:

  • Eclipse at W Barcelona: Perched on the top floor of the iconic W Hotel, Eclipse offers breathtaking views of the city along with a sophisticated ambiance.
  • La Terrazza: Located in Poble Espanyol, La Terrazza is a legendary venue renowned for its open-air parties.
  • Hotel Barcelona Edition: This stylish rooftop venue boasts a beautiful pool, modern decor, and live DJs, creating an unforgettable day party experience.

2. Tips for Enjoying Day Parties

2.1 Dress Code

Day parties in Barcelona typically have a more relaxed dress code compared to nightclubs. However, it’s still important to dress stylishly. Opt for comfortable yet fashionable attire, such as summer dresses, linen shirts, shorts, and stylish swimwear.

2.2 Arrive Early

To secure a good spot and avoid long queues, it’s wise to arrive early at day parties. The best time to arrive is often around 2-3 pm, allowing you to enjoy the party for the maximum duration.

2.3 Stay Hydrated

Barcelona can get hot, especially during the summer months. It’s crucial to stay hydrated throughout the day party. Drink plenty of water or refreshing cocktails to keep yourself energized and avoid dehydration.

2.4 Plan Ahead

Before attending a day party, it’s essential to check the event details, such as the DJ lineup, ticket prices, and any specific rules or requirements. Planning ahead ensures you don’t miss out on any must-see parties during your visit.

3. Day Party Calendar

Here’s a list of popular day parties happening in Barcelona during the summer months:

Date Event Venue
June 15 Daydream Festival Forum Barcelona
July 7 Brunch -In The Park Jardins de Joan Brossa
August 4 Elrow Town Barcelona Rowlins Park

Make sure to check the official websites or event listings for the most up-to-date information and additional day parties happening in Barcelona.

4. Conclusion

Barcelona’s day parties offer a unique and exciting way to enjoy the city’s vibrant atmosphere. Whether it’s dancing on the beach or partying on a stunning rooftop, you’ll find a variety of day party options to suit your tastes. Remember to plan ahead, take care of yourself, and make the most of your day party experience in Barcelona!





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