The Ultimate Guide to the Budapest Bar Area

Welcome to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary! If you’re a bar enthusiast, then you’re in for a treat. Budapest is known for its vibrant and diverse bar scene, and in this guide, we’ll take you through all the must-visit spots in the Budapest Bar Area. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, this guide will help you navigate through the best bars and make your experience unforgettable.

1. Kazinczy Street – The Heart of Budapest’s Ruin Bars

Kazinczy Street is the epicenter of Budapest’s famous ruin bar culture. These unique bars are set up in abandoned buildings, creating an eclectic and bohemian atmosphere. Start your bar crawl at Szimpla Kert, the pioneer of ruin bars, and immerse yourself in its quirky atmosphere, with various rooms, funky decorations, and live music.

As you explore Kazinczy Street, don’t forget to visit other popular ruin bars such as Instant, Fogas Ház, and Mazel Tov. These bars offer a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, where you can enjoy a wide range of drinks, including local craft beers and signature cocktails.

2. Gozsdu Udvar – A Lively Hub of Bars and Restaurants

Located in the Jewish Quarter, Gozsdu Udvar is a bustling courtyard filled with trendy bars, restaurants, and shops. It’s the perfect place to indulge in some people-watching while sipping on your favorite beverage.

Within Gozsdu Udvar, you’ll find a variety of bars catering to all tastes. If you’re a beer enthusiast, head to Budapest Beer Week, offering an extensive selection of local and international craft beers. For a glamorous experience, visit Spíler Shanghai, an upscale bar and restaurant with a chic interior and a diverse menu.

3. Király Street – Subterranean Drinking at its Finest

Király Street is home to Budapest’s unique underground bar scene. These hidden treasures are tucked away beneath street level, adding an air of mystery to your bar-hopping adventure.

A must-visit bar on Király Street is Szimpla Kávézó, the sister bar of Szimpla Kert on Kazinczy Street. It offers a cozy ambiance, great coffee, and an impressive selection of local wines. Another prominent bar on Király Street is Kolor, which stands out with its modern and minimalist design, complemented by perfectly crafted cocktails.

4. District VII – Charming Bars in Beautiful Surroundings

District VII, also known as the Jewish Quarter, is a treasure trove of charming bars. Explore the narrow streets and stumble upon cozy bars hidden in beautiful old buildings.

One such gem is Ellátó Kert, located in a former courtyard. This open-air bar offers a relaxed atmosphere and an extensive drink menu. For a taste of Budapest’s craft beer scene, head to Élesztő, a craft beer bar where you can choose from a wide variety of local and international brews on tap.

5. Budapest Boat Bars – Unforgettable Drinking with a View

No visit to Budapest is complete without experiencing its boat bars. These floating establishments are situated along the Danube River, offering stunning views of the city’s iconic landmarks.

Törökméz is one of the most popular boat bars, featuring a cozy interior and a spacious outdoor terrace. Enjoy a cocktail while taking in the breathtaking panoramic view of Budapest’s illuminated bridges and buildings.

In Summary

Budapest’s bar scene has something for everyone, from unique ruin bars and lively courtyards to stylish underground bars and charming venues. Remember to explore Kazinczy Street, Gozsdu Udvar, Király Street, District VII, and the boat bars along the Danube River.

Always drink responsibly and make sure to try some of Budapest’s signature drinks, such as Unicum, Pálinka, and a glass of local Hungarian wine. With this comprehensive guide, you’re well-equipped to embark on an unforgettable journey through Budapest’s bar area. Cheers!





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