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Embark on a Night of Adventure with Nice’s Premier Pub Crawl!

Original Bar Crawl Nice Immerse yourself in the enchanting nightlife of Nice, France, experiencing it not just as a story but as a firsthand festive adventure! Join our spirited crew and a diverse group of party enthusiasts from around the globe on a journey through some of the city’s premier venues – and we are the exclusive pub crawl to take you there.

Embark on the Ultimate Night Out in Nice

Introducing the Original Nice Bar and Pub Crawl – not just a tour, but your golden ticket to a night that promises to be nothing short of unforgettable! Jump into a spectacular party featuring irresistible drink deals, including cocktails, gin and tonic, vodka and tonic, rum and cola, as well as a selection of beer & wine, making it one of the city’s most vibrant shindigs.

Navigate through Nice’s top nightlife spots with us, exploring 3-4 of its most unique bars and ending the night in a high-voltage club! This isn’t merely a night on the town; it’s a cultural exchange and an exciting way to acquaint yourself with the city while indulging in drink specials and partying with an electrifying, international crowd. With our charismatic guides, your journey through the night ensures ceaseless fun and a perpetually full glass!

What Awaits You:

  • An Unforgettable Night: Dive into 4+ bars and clubs
  • Local Nightlife Guide: Navigate with experienced and vivacious leaders
  • Playful Times: Engage in exhilarating drinking games


  • Dive into the Best Pub Crawl in Nice
  • Experience 3-4 unique bars and clubs, each reflecting the pinnacle of Nice nightlife
  • Savor a plethora of beverages, including bottled beers, wines, and mixed drinks
  • Be led by seasoned and entertaining nightlife connoisseurs

Experience an Epic Night in Nice with Us Gather with us at 21:00 at OZZ Hostel, get acquainted, and prepare yourself for an epic night you’ll likely remember in exhilarating snapshots!

Your journey with the Nice Pub Crawl promises not only an exciting adventure through the night but also a wonderful opportunity to mingle with fellow travelers and locals alike, creating memories and friendships along the way! We’ll venture to three or more authentic bars in the heart of Nice, each providing a genuine and vibrant slice of local life. Regardless of your dancing abilities, you’ll surely catch the rhythm and groove as the night progresses! Ending our tour at a selected nightclub, we’ll bypass the queue, entering as VIPs to dance into the early hours.

Experience the Vibrant Pulse of Nice with Our Premier Pub Crawl

Embark on a spirited adventure with the Original Bar Crawl Nice, where the magnetic allure of the city’s nightlife is not just a tale but an experience awaiting your presence. Join a vivacious group of party aficionados from all corners of the globe, shepherded by our dynamic crew, through some of the most sought-after venues in town – a journey exclusive to our pub crawl. Nightly gatherings kick off at 21:00 at OZZ Hostel, 18 Rue Paganini 06000 Nice, France, at a pocket-friendly price of 15€, ensuring you dive into the euphoric vibes of the city without a hitch.

An Unforgettable Night of Partying, Exploring, and Cultural Exchange

The Original Nice Bar and Pub Crawl is not merely a bar tour; it’s your gateway to a night that promises to linger in your memories. Immerse yourself in an exclusive party brimming with unbeatable drink deals, including a diverse range of cocktails, beers, wines, and more, thereby marking its status as one of the grandest soirées in the city. Traverse through Nice’s elite nightlife locales, uncovering 3-4 of its most intriguing bars, and concluding the night in a vibrant club, ensuring your experience is not just a lively night out but also a cultural exchange and exciting introduction to the city. Our ebullient guides guarantee a night where the merriment never ceases and your glass never finds itself empty, with the journey through 4+ bars and clubs, local nightlife guides, thrilling drinking games, and enticing drink specials ensuring a night of nonstop revelry.

Join Us for a Kaleidoscopic Journey through Nice’s Nightlife

With the Nice Pub Crawl, not only is a night of thrilling bar-hopping laid out before you, but also a splendid opportunity to mingle, be it with fellow travelers or locals, ensuring memories and friendships are forged amidst the lively streets of Nice. We navigate through three or more genuine bars nestled in the heart of Nice, each offering an authentic and lively slice of local life, ensuring that even those with two left feet find their rhythm as the night dances on. Concluding the night at a handpicked nightclub, we bypass the queues, embracing the night as VIPs until the early hours. With a variety of bars showcasing the entirety of Nice’s nightlife and ensuring a unique experience every time, anticipate not just fabulous drink specials and delightful company but a tapestry of unforgettable stories from your night in Nice.

Book Now, and let the vibrant streets of Nice be your playground for an evening of fun, frolic, and genuine connections. Remember, participants must be legally 18 years or older and adhere to any dress codes specified by individual venues. Responsible enjoyment is encouraged for all participants, ensuring a safe and memorable night for all.

Group Reservations:

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