What to See in Amsterdam Red Light District

When visiting Amsterdam, one of the most famous and unique areas to explore is the Red Light District. This neighborhood, also known as “De Wallen,” is known for its vibrant nightlife, historic architecture, and, of course, the infamous red-lit windows where sex workers are visible. In this blog post, we will guide you through some of the must-see attractions and experiences in the Amsterdam Red Light District.

1. Oude Kerk

Start your exploration of the Red Light District by visiting one of the oldest buildings in Amsterdam, the Oude Kerk (Old Church). This Gothic church, dating back to the 13th century, offers stunning architecture and a rich history. Inside, you can admire beautiful stained glass windows and experience a peaceful atmosphere amidst the lively neighborhood.

2. Red Light Secrets Museum

If you are curious about the world behind the red-lit windows, the Red Light Secrets Museum is a must-visit. This interactive museum provides an insightful and respectful display of information about prostitution in Amsterdam. You’ll get a glimpse into the lives of sex workers and gain a better understanding of the industry’s history and current regulations.

3. Coffeeshops

Amsterdam is famous for its liberal drug policies, and the Red Light District is home to numerous coffeeshops where you can legally purchase and consume cannabis products. Keep in mind that these establishments only serve soft drugs and visitors should always consume responsibly and be aware of their limits.

3.1 The Bulldog

The Bulldog is one of the most iconic coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Established in 1975, it is one of the oldest and most well-known establishments in the city. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and a variety of cannabis products to choose from.

3.2 Barney’s Coffeeshop

Barney’s Coffeeshop is another popular and highly regarded establishment in the neighborhood. Known for its excellent quality cannabis, cozy interior, and friendly service, Barney’s is a favorite spot among locals and tourists alike.

4. Erotic Museum

If you want to dive deeper into the history and culture of erotica, don’t miss the Erotic Museum. This museum showcases a vast collection of erotic art, photographs, and artifacts, offering an educational and entertaining experience. Explore the different floors filled with intriguing exhibits and learn about the cultural significance of sexuality throughout the ages.

5. Canal Cruise

While in the Red Light District, take advantage of the beautiful canals that Amsterdam is famous for. Hop on a canal cruise and enjoy a leisurely ride through the historic waterways. Experience the unique atmosphere of the Red Light District from a different perspective and capture stunning views of the city.

6. Bars and Restaurants

The Red Light District is home to a vibrant culinary scene, offering a variety of dining options to suit all tastes. From traditional Dutch pubs to international cuisine, you’ll find something to satisfy your appetite. Some popular choices include Café De Dokter, Wynand Fockink, and De Kas.

7. Walking Tour

If you’re interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the Red Light District’s history, culture, and social issues, consider joining a walking tour. Knowledgeable local guides will lead you through the neighborhood, providing fascinating insights and shedding light on the area’s transformation over the years.


The Amsterdam Red Light District may be known for its unconventional attractions, but it offers much more than what meets the eye. From historic landmarks and museums to the unique atmosphere and cultural experiences, this neighborhood has something for everyone. Remember to explore with an open mind, respect the local customs, and embrace the diversity that makes Amsterdam such a captivating city.





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