Amsterdam Club Guide: Where to Party in the Dutch Capital

Welcome to the ultimate Amsterdam Club Guide! Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Amsterdam’s vibrant nightlife scene offers a plethora of options to dance, have fun, and create unforgettable memories. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through some of the city’s best clubs, offering a variety of music genres, atmospheres, and experiences.

1. De School

If you’re looking for a unique clubbing experience, De School is a must-visit. Housed in a former technical school, this underground venue hosts some of the best DJs and live acts in town. The space combines a club, restaurant, and art exhibitions, creating a multi-dimensional experience.


  • Arrive early to avoid long lines, especially on weekends.
  • Check out their website for event listings and ticket sales.

2. Shelter

Located underneath the iconic A’DAM Tower, Shelter is known for its exceptional sound system and immersive visual effects. This techno-focused club attracts internationally renowned DJs, making it a go-to spot for electronic music lovers.


  • Get on the guest list or buy tickets online to secure your entry.
  • Explore the rooftop of A’DAM Tower for stunning views of the city.

3. Melkweg

Melkweg, meaning “Milky Way” in Dutch, is a cultural hotspot in Amsterdam. Besides hosting concerts and music festivals, it also has several club nights catering to different music tastes. From hip-hop to reggae, techno to indie rock, Melkweg has something for everyone.


  • Check their calendar in advance for upcoming events and club nights.
  • Consider purchasing a Melkweg membership for discounts on tickets.

4. Paradiso

Paradiso is an iconic music venue housed in a converted former church. It has a rich history, having hosted legendary acts such as David Bowie and the Rolling Stones. Today, it continues to bring a diverse range of live music and club nights to Amsterdam.


  • Arrive early for popular events as the venue fills up quickly.
  • Take a moment to appreciate the unique interior design of the former church.

5. Claire

Claire is a cozy and intimate club known for its cutting-edge electronic music programming. With its intimate dance floor and an eclectic lineup of DJs, it’s a favorite among locals. The club has a laid-back atmosphere, making it perfect for those seeking a smaller-scale venue.


  • Check Claire’s website for their weekly schedule and themed nights.
  • Enjoy a drink at the bar and interact with the friendly crowd.


Amsterdam offers an abundance of clubbing options, catering to all music preferences and atmospheres. Whether you’re into underground techno, live performances, or mainstream pop music, there’s a club for you. Explore the city’s diverse nightlife scene, immerse yourself in the music, and let the rhythm guide you!

Remember to pace yourself and party responsibly. Enjoy Amsterdam’s clubbing experience to the fullest!





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