Original Pub Crawl Berlin

Unforgettable Berlin Nights with the Original Pub Crawl Berlin

Embark on an electrifying journey through Berlin’s dynamic nightlife since 2013 with the Original Berlin Pub Crawl. Navigate through the trendy neighborhoods of Mitte and Friedrichshain, savoring diverse experiences from cozy bars to lively clubs. With local guides unveiling Berlin’s celebrated bar crawl, immerse yourself in a spirited evening where every moment is an exciting adventure, meeting new friends and creating memorable stories.

Essential Details for Your Pub Crawl Berlin Adventure

Secure your spot for an exhilarating evening at €25 per person, initiating at 20:30 from Generator Berlin Alexanderplatz. Latecomers can catch up at 22:00 at Generator Berlin Mitte. Engage in a spectacular night, ensuring it’s one to remember with a meticulously planned route through Berlin’s iconic bars and ending in one of its paramount clubs.

Guidelines and Extra Information for a Smooth Night

Ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience by adhering to the 18+ age requirement and carrying photo ID. An AB transit ticket might be required. Prioritize responsible drinking, with the rights reserved to dismiss disrespectful guests without a refund. Note that drink specials are dependent on the venue visited, curating an ever-refreshing experience each time.

Inclusions to Enhance Your Pub Crawl Berlin Experience

With the inclusion of a local nightlife guide, 3 unique venues, a club, skip-the-line club entry, complimentary shots, and drink specials, every moment of your pub crawl is carefully curated to promise not only experiences but also incredible memories to take home.

Join the Original Berlin Pub Crawl for a True Berlin Nightlife Exploration

Journey through the renowned Simon-Dach Straße, exploring Berlin’s alternative district and experiencing an authentic Berliner night. The route changes nightly, guaranteeing a fresh and exciting experience every time, and offering a look into Berlin that guidebooks simply can’t provide, while ensuring diverse experiences each night of the week.

Why Choose Our Pub Crawl for Your Berlin Nightlife Adventure

Benefit from complimentary shots, drink specials, an expert local guide, and skip-the-line VIP club entry. Encounter Berlin’s vibrant nightlife across three venues, and finish the night in one of the city’s most pulsating clubs. Throughout your adventure, our dedicated team ensures immediate support for any queries or needs, crafting a seamless and memorable Berlin nightlife experience.

Explore the Vibrant Nightlife with the Original Berlin Pub Crawl

Immerse yourself in the pulsating energy of Berlin’s nightlife since 2013 with the Original Berlin Pub Crawl. Create memories, party like a local, and make new friends during an unforgettable night out. Your amiable local guide will provide an authentic experience of Berlin’s renowned bar crawl, introducing you to the dazzling world of its nightlife.

Embark on a journey through the trendy neighborhoods of Mitte and Friedrichshain. Your adventure begins at a snug bar and traverses a dynamic range of venues – cocktail and shisha bars, Electro Lounges, Rock and Steam Punk Bars, culminating in one of Berlin’s premier clubs. Every crawl is a unique escapade as we explore different routes to soak in the maximal Berlin night experience, every night of the week.

Details of the Pub Crawl Tour

  • Price: €25 per person
  • Start Time: 21:00
  • Meeting Point: Generator Berlin Alexanderplatz, Otto-Braun-Straße 65, 10178 Berlin, Deutschland
  • Late Arrivals: Catch up at 22:00 at Generator Berlin Mitte, Oranienburger Str. 65, 10117 Berlin, Deutschland

What You Need to Know

  • Age requirement: 18+, with photo ID mandatory
  • An AB transit ticket might be necessary
  • We advocate responsible drinking and retain the right to exclude disrespectful guests without a refund
  • Drink specials are venue-dependent

Your Night Includes:

  • Engaging local nightlife guide
  • Visits to 3 diverse venues and 1 major club
  • Skip-the-line club entry privileges
  • Complimentary shots and exclusive drink specials

Choose Your Ultimate Berlin Nightlife Experience

Engage in the ultimate Berlin nightlife journey with us and opt to revel two consecutive nights by joining both the One80 Pub Crawl Berlin and the Original Berlin Pub Crawl. Ensure every moment of your Berlin nights is memorably spent!

Group Reservations:

For group reservations or inquiries, drop us an email at info@pubcrawling.co.

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