Original Pub Crawl Dublin


Ready to immerse yourself in the lively nightlife of one of the world’s most vibrant party scenes? Embark on the unparalleled Dublin Pub Crawl, surpassing the typical bar tour experience.

Dublin Nightlife Awaits

We convene every evening at 20:30 near Milans-bar, setting the scene with introductions before diving into a night that remains etched in memories.

Join the Original Dublin Pub Crawl! As the city comes alive with nighttime allure, Dublin reveals its musical, culinary, and vibrant nocturnal atmosphere. Follow our charismatic guides for a night of free shots, exclusive venue deals, and complimentary entries.

The Dublin Pub Crawl transcends beverages; it’s a cultural journey and a chance to bond with fellow explorers and locals. Explore the city’s core, hitting three genuine bars. Whether or not salsa is your groove, you’ll be dancing by the night’s end! The night caps off at a meticulously chosen nightclub, where we bypass regular queues, entering as VIPs. Immerse yourself in the genuine vibe of Dublin nightlife!


Our Dublin Pub Crawl boasts a distinctive daily agenda, promising a new adventure with each participation. Explore an array of bars, from classic Irish establishments with live music to modern electronic lounges. Conclude the evening with VIP perks and complimentary entry to a premier Dublin club. Revel in special drink offers, delightful company, and memorable stories from your Dublin escapade, regardless of the night’s venues.

Highlights: ♦ Dive into 3-4 select Bars & Clubs ♦ ♦ Experience some of Dublin’s prime venues ♦

  • Bottled beers
  • Wines
  • Cocktails & other mixed beverages ♦ ♦ Navigate the night with Expert Guides ♦

Please Note:

  • Attendees must be at least 18 years old.
  • Be Original Tours stands for responsible drinking and ensures the safety of all participants.
  • A metro or bus ticket might be necessary.
  • Dress code alert: Some clubs prohibit sandals and tank tops for men.

Group Reservations:

For group reservations or inquiries, drop us an email at info@pubcrawling.co.

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