Barcelona Bar Frankfurt Happy Hour Guide

If you’re in Frankfurt, Germany, and looking for a great place to relax after work or hang out with friends, Barcelona Bar is worth considering. Not only does it offer a lively and vibrant atmosphere, but it also has a fantastic happy hour deal that can help you save some money. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at Barcelona Bar’s happy hour and provide some useful tips to make the most of your visit.

Introduction to Barcelona Bar

Barcelona Bar is a popular spot located in the heart of Frankfurt. Inspired by the lively nightlife of Barcelona, the bar offers a unique experience with its modern decor, friendly staff, and an extensive selection of beverages.

Happy Hour Details

Barcelona Bar’s happy hour runs from Monday to Thursday, between 5 PM and 8 PM. During this time, you can enjoy discounted prices on selected drinks, making it an ideal opportunity to try out some new cocktails or indulge in your favorite beverages without breaking the bank.

Happy Hour Deals

Here are some of the fantastic deals you can find during Barcelona Bar’s happy hour:

Drink Regular Price Happy Hour Price
Mojito €8 €5
Sangria €7 €4
Caipirinha €9 €6

Please note that the happy hour menu is subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to check with the bar for the latest offerings.

Tips for Enjoying Happy Hour at Barcelona Bar

Arrive Early

Barcelona Bar can get quite busy, especially during happy hour. To secure a good spot and avoid long waits, it’s recommended to arrive early, ideally a few minutes before 5 PM.

Try Different Drinks

Happy hour is the perfect time to experiment with different cocktails and beverages you might not usually try. Take advantage of the discounted prices to sample new flavors and broaden your palate.

Pair Drinks with Tapas

Barcelona Bar also offers a selection of delicious tapas to complement your drinks. Consider ordering some small bites to enhance your happy hour experience and satisfy your taste buds.

Relax and Enjoy

Lastly, remember the primary purpose of happy hour is to unwind and have a good time. Take this opportunity to relax, catch up with friends, or simply enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Barcelona Bar.


Barcelona Bar’s happy hour in Frankfurt is an excellent opportunity to enjoy quality drinks at discounted prices. With its lively ambiance and friendly staff, the bar provides the perfect setting for after-work drinks or a night out with friends. Remember to arrive early, try different drinks, and pair them with delicious tapas. Embrace the experience and make the most of this fantastic happy hour deal at Barcelona Bar.





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