Best Bars in Amsterdam to Watch Football


Amsterdam is a city known for its vibrant football culture and enthusiastic supporters. If you are a football fan visiting Amsterdam, you might be wondering where to catch the best matches while enjoying the local atmosphere. In this guide, we will highlight some of the top bars in Amsterdam where you can watch football games and have an unforgettable experience.

The Pubs

1. Café De Dokter

Café De Dokter is a cozy and traditional pub located in the city center. Despite its small size, this bar has a big personality and is popular among locals and tourists alike. You can watch football games on their large screens while sipping on a wide range of local and international beers.

2. Café Gollem

Café Gollem is a beloved bar among beer enthusiasts, but it is also a great spot to catch your favorite football matches. With a vast selection of craft beers and multiple screens, you can enjoy the game in a lively and friendly atmosphere.

3. Coco’s Outback

If you’re craving a taste of home while watching football in Amsterdam, Coco’s Outback is the place to be. This Australian-themed sports bar offers a fantastic viewing experience with multiple screens, pub food, and an extensive beer menu.

The Sports Bars

1. Sportsbar Heffer

Sportsbar Heffer is a popular choice for sports lovers in Amsterdam. This spacious sports bar provides an excellent atmosphere for watching football games with its numerous screens, comfortable seating, and friendly staff. They also offer a selection of bar snacks and drinks to enhance your game-watching experience.

2. Satellite Sports Cafe

Satellite Sports Cafe is dedicated to broadcasting sports events from around the world. With its extensive range of screens, you won’t miss a single moment of the game. They have a lively crowd, great drink options, and a menu featuring classic sports bar food.

3. Coco’s Outback: The Bulldog

Another branch of Coco’s Outback, located within the popular Bulldog Coffee Shop, is a fantastic choice for football fans. Here you can combine the excitement of watching the game with the relaxing ambiance of a coffee shop. Grab a drink and immerse yourself in the football experience.

The Irish Pubs

1. O’Reilly’s Irish Pub

O’Reilly’s Irish Pub is a favorite among locals and tourists for its lively atmosphere and friendly staff. With its large screens and multiple projectors, you can cheer for your team while enjoying a pint of Guinness or a traditional Irish whiskey.

2. Mulligan’s

Mulligan’s is a popular Irish pub in the heart of Amsterdam. With its cozy interior, friendly vibe, and great selection of drinks, it provides the perfect setting to watch football matches. The pub also serves delicious pub food to keep you satisfied throughout the game.

3. The Tara

The Tara is an Irish pub known for its warm hospitality and vibrant atmosphere. With numerous TVs scattered around the pub, you’ll have a clear view of the game no matter where you sit. Try their tasty fish and chips or traditional Irish stew for an authentic experience.


Amsterdam is a haven for football fans, and these bars provide the perfect venues to watch your favorite teams in action. Whether you prefer a traditional pub, a dedicated sports bar, or an Irish pub, Amsterdam has something to suit every taste. So grab a drink, cheer on your team, and immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of football in this beautiful city!





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