Best Restaurants in Nice, France with a View on the Beach

If you are planning a trip to Nice, France and want to enjoy a delicious meal with a breathtaking view of the beach, you are in luck! Nice is known for its stunning coastline and vibrant culinary scene. In this article, we will explore some of the best restaurants in Nice that offer both delectable cuisine and a seaside view.

1. La Reserve

Located on the famous Promenade des Anglais, La Reserve offers a picturesque view of the Mediterranean Sea. This restaurant specializes in seafood and serves up mouthwatering dishes such as grilled lobster and bouillabaisse. The elegant ambiance and attentive service make for a delightful dining experience.

2. Le Plongeoir

Perched on a cliff overlooking the Baie des Anges, Le Plongeoir is a unique restaurant that sits on top of a diving board. The panoramic views of the sea and the city are simply stunning. The menu features a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian flavors, with dishes like seared tuna and coconut curry. Don’t miss the chance to watch the sunset while enjoying a cocktail from their rooftop bar.

3. Castel Plage

Nestled on a private beach, Castel Plage offers a relaxed and romantic setting for dining by the sea. The menu focuses on fresh, local ingredients and offers a variety of Mediterranean dishes. From grilled fish to pasta and salads, there is something for everyone. Be sure to reserve a table in advance to secure a spot with a prime view.

4. Le Galet

If you’re looking for a hidden gem away from the bustling tourist areas, head to Le Galet. Located near the Port of Nice, this cozy restaurant offers a tranquil atmosphere and a panoramic view of the beach. The menu features traditional French cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. Treat yourself to their homemade desserts for a truly memorable dining experience.

5. Neptune Plage

Situated right on the beach, Neptune Plage offers the perfect combination of sun, sand, and great food. This trendy beach club and restaurant serves a variety of fresh seafood, salads, and refreshing cocktails. Lounge on their comfortable sunbeds before enjoying a delicious meal with a front-row view of the sparkling sea.


Nice, France is a paradise for both food lovers and beach enthusiasts. Whether you’re enjoying a romantic dinner or a casual lunch, these restaurants offer not only incredible cuisine but also stunning views of the beach. Don’t forget to make a reservation in advance, especially during the peak tourist season, to secure the best spot and make the most of your dining experience in Nice.





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