Cheap Hotels in Amsterdam Red Light District: A Comprehensive Guide


Planning a trip to Amsterdam’s Red Light District on a budget? Look no further! In this guide, we will explore some of the best and most affordable hotels in this vibrant area. From cozy guesthouses to budget-friendly hostels, there are plenty of options available to make your stay enjoyable without breaking the bank.

1. Consider Staying in a Guesthouse

If you prefer a more intimate and homey atmosphere, guesthouses are a great option. These smaller accommodations often offer basic amenities but are usually more budget-friendly than big hotels. Some highly recommended guesthouses in the Red Light District include:

  • Guesthouse 1: Located within walking distance of major attractions, this guesthouse offers clean and comfortable rooms at an affordable price.
  • Guesthouse 2: Situated on a charming canal, this guesthouse provides a unique experience while being easy on your wallet.
  • Guesthouse 3: With its friendly staff and central location, this guesthouse is perfect for those looking for a cozy place to stay without spending a fortune.

2. Explore Budget-Friendly Hostels

Hostels are a popular choice for budget travelers, and the Red Light District has some great options. These accommodations typically offer shared dorms or private rooms at reasonable prices. Here are a few recommended hostels:

  • Hostel 1: Known for its vibrant social atmosphere, this hostel provides a variety of room types and an array of amenities to make your stay enjoyable.
  • Hostel 2: This eco-friendly hostel offers affordable accommodation with a focus on sustainability, perfect for the conscious traveler.
  • Hostel 3: Located in the heart of the Red Light District, this hostel is ideal for those who want to be close to the action while staying on a budget.

3. Book in Advance

One of the best ways to find affordable accommodation in the Red Light District is to book in advance. By planning ahead, you can often secure better rates and have more options to choose from. Keep an eye out for special deals and promotions offered by hotels and guesthouses.

4. Consider Weekday Stays

Hotels in the Red Light District often have higher rates on weekends due to increased demand. If your travel dates are flexible, consider staying during weekdays to take advantage of lower prices.

5. Read Reviews Before Booking

Before finalizing your booking, it’s always wise to read reviews from previous guests. Online platforms like TripAdvisor and provide valuable insights into the quality and affordability of various accommodations. Take note of any comments regarding cleanliness, service, and overall value for money.

6. Explore Surrounding Areas

While staying in the Red Light District has its own allure, you might also consider exploring nearby neighborhoods for even cheaper accommodations. Areas like Jordaan, De Pijp, and Oud-West are easily accessible from the Red Light District and offer a range of budget-friendly hotels.


Visiting Amsterdam’s Red Light District doesn’t have to break the bank. By considering alternative types of accommodations, booking in advance, and being flexible with your travel dates, you can find affordable hotels without compromising on comfort and convenience. Take advantage of online reviews and recommendations to ensure you make the best choice for your budget and preferences. So pack your bags and get ready to experience the unique charm of the Red Light District while staying on budget!





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