Club Barcelona Calendario: Everything You Need to Know


Club Barcelona, also known as FC Barcelona, is one of the most successful and popular football clubs in the world. The team has a rich history and boasts a strong fan base globally. One of the key aspects of following a football club is keeping track of their schedule, which is commonly known as the “calendario” in Spanish. In this blog post, we will explore the Club Barcelona calendar and provide you with all the essential information you need to stay updated on their upcoming matches and events.

What is the Club Barcelona Calendario?

The Club Barcelona Calendario refers to the schedule of matches and events that the club will participate in during a specific season. It includes all the fixtures, including domestic league matches, cup competitions, and international tournaments that the team will be involved in. By checking the calendario, fans can plan their schedules, book tickets, and make sure they don’t miss any important games or events.

Where to Find the Club Barcelona Calendario?

Club Barcelona’s official website is the primary source for the Club Barcelona Calendario. On the website, you can navigate to the “Fixtures and Results” or “Matches” section to find the up-to-date calendario for the current season. The official Club Barcelona mobile app also provides access to the calendario, making it convenient for fans to stay informed on the go.

Understanding the Club Barcelona Calendario

The Club Barcelona Calendario is typically organized in a table format, showcasing the date, opponent, and venue of each match. Additional information may include the time of the kick-off, competition name, and broadcast details. Let’s take a closer look at the key elements of the calendario:

Date and Kick-off Time

The date and kick-off time indicate when a particular match will take place. It is crucial to check these details regularly as they can be subject to changes due to various factors like television scheduling, weather conditions, or cup competitions.


The opponent refers to the team that Club Barcelona will be playing against. It can be another team from the same domestic league, a team from a different country in international competitions, or a rival team in a regional derby. The name of the opponent provides insights into the level of competition the club will face.


The venue specifies the location where the match will be held. Club Barcelona has its own iconic stadium, Camp Nou, which serves as the home ground for most of their matches. However, some away games may be played at the opponent’s stadium or in a neutral venue for cup finals or international fixtures.


The competition column in the calendario highlights the specific tournament or league where the match will take place. Club Barcelona participates in various competitions, such as La Liga (the top domestic league in Spain), the Copa del Rey (the Spanish domestic cup), and the UEFA Champions League (the premier European club competition). Each competition provides a different level of prestige and competition for the team.

Broadcast Details

The broadcast details section provides information on how and where the match can be watched. Club Barcelona games are usually televised worldwide, allowing fans from around the globe to support their favorite team. The calendario typically mentions the TV channels or streaming platforms that have the broadcasting rights for each match.

Tips for Keeping Up with the Club Barcelona Calendario

Here are some handy tips to help you stay up to date with the Club Barcelona Calendario:

  • Bookmark the official Club Barcelona website and regularly check for calendario updates.
  • Download the Club Barcelona mobile app for easy access to the calendario on your smartphone.
  • Follow official Club Barcelona social media accounts for immediate notifications on fixture changes or additions.
  • Subscribe to newsletters or mailing lists that provide updates on the calendario and other club-related news.
  • Consider joining fan forums or online communities where fellow supporters share the latest calendario information.

In Conclusion

The Club Barcelona Calendario is a vital resource for fans to keep track of the team’s matches and events throughout the season. By understanding how to access and interpret the calendario, you can plan your schedule accordingly and ensure that you never miss an important game or event. Remember to regularly check the official Club Barcelona website or mobile app for the most up-to-date fixture information.





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