Discover the Best Bars in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its vibrant nightlife, and the city has no shortage of great bars to visit. Whether you’re looking for a trendy cocktail spot, a relaxed wine bar, or a lively tapas bar, there’s something for everyone. In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the best bars in Barcelona, so you can experience the city’s buzzing nightlife scene to the fullest.

1. El Paradiso – The Hidden Gem

If you’re in the mood for an extraordinary speakeasy experience, El Paradiso is a must-visit. This hidden gem is concealed behind a refrigerator door in a pastrami shop. As you step inside, you’ll find yourself in a beautifully decorated cocktail bar with an extensive menu of creative concoctions. The bartenders are true artists, and their attention to detail is remarkable. Try the “Penicillin” cocktail – a delightful blend of whiskey, ginger, honey, and lemon.

2. Bodega 1900 – Traditional Vermouth Bar

For a taste of Barcelona’s traditional bar scene, head to Bodega 1900. This charming vermouth bar has been serving locals since 1902 and maintains its authentic charm. Order a glass of vermouth on tap, paired with some classic Spanish tapas, such as jamón ibérico or patatas bravas. The bar’s rustic interior and friendly atmosphere make it the perfect spot for a laid-back evening with friends.

3. Dry Martini – Iconic Cocktail Bar

Dry Martini is a legendary cocktail bar that has been a fixture in Barcelona since 1978. The bar is known for its impeccable martinis, and their skilled bartenders are masters at mixing the perfect one. This elegant establishment exudes old-school glamour, with a classic mahogany bar and a black-and-white checkered floor. Don’t miss out on their signature Dry Martini cocktail – it’s a true masterpiece.

4. Can Paixano – Bubbly and Vibrant

If you’re looking for a lively and affordable bar, Can Paixano is the place to be. This local favorite is famous for its sparkling wine, known as cava. Pair your glass of bubbly with a plate of freshly made sandwiches filled with delicious cured meats. The atmosphere is buzzing with energy, and it’s a great spot to mingle with locals and fellow travelers alike.

5. Margarita Blue – Live Music and Cocktails

Margarita Blue offers a unique blend of live music and expertly crafted cocktails. This vibrant bar hosts live jazz and blues performances, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some of their innovative margarita variations – the “Passion Fruit Margarita” is a crowd favorite. Make sure to check their event schedule for upcoming performances.

6. La Vinoteca Torres – Wine Lover’s Paradise

Wine enthusiasts shouldn’t miss La Vinoteca Torres, a wine lover’s paradise. This elegant bar showcases an extensive selection of Spanish wines, including many varieties from the famous Torres winery. The knowledgeable staff can recommend the perfect wine to pair with your taste preferences. Consider trying their wine flight to sample a variety of wines in one sitting.

7. Bar Marsella – Historic Absinthe Bar

Step back in time at Bar Marsella, one of Barcelona’s oldest bars. This iconic establishment has been serving absinthe since 1820 and has a rich history. The bar has attracted famous patrons like Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway. Enjoy the traditional absinthe ritual with the louche and experience the unique ambiance of this historic gem.

8. Bar Mut – Gourmet Tapas and Cocktails

For an unforgettable gastronomic experience with a side of cocktails, visit Bar Mut. This trendy bar is known for its gourmet tapas, crafted with high-quality ingredients. Try the truffle risotto or the Iberian pork cheeks, paired with one of their innovative cocktails, like the “Mut Mule” – a refreshing blend of vodka, ginger beer, and lime. The modern and stylish interior adds to the overall charm of the place.


Barcelona’s bar scene has something for everyone, whether you’re a cocktail aficionado, a wine lover, or simply looking for a lively atmosphere. From hidden speakeasies to historic gems, the city offers a diverse range of bars to suit all tastes and preferences. Make sure to explore these top-notch bars during your visit to Barcelona for an unforgettable night out.

Remember to drink responsibly and savor the flavors of Barcelona’s vibrant bar culture. Cheers!





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