Discover the Best Places to Visit in Red Light District Amsterdam

Welcome to the ultimate guide to exploring the unique and vibrant Red Light District in Amsterdam! This infamous neighborhood, also known as De Wallen, is a must-visit for many travelers. It is important to approach this topic with respect, as the Red Light District not only offers adult entertainment but also has a rich cultural and historical background. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of the top places to visit in the Red Light District, ensuring you have a memorable and informed experience.

1. Oude Kerk (Old Church)

Start your journey through the Red Light District by visiting the Oude Kerk, the oldest building in Amsterdam. This stunning Gothic church dates back to the 13th century and offers a peaceful respite amidst the vibrant hustle and bustle. Explore the beautiful architecture, admire the stained glass windows, and learn about the history of this iconic landmark.

2. Sexmuseum Amsterdam

For a unique and educational experience, visit the Sexmuseum Amsterdam. This museum unravels the history of sex work in Amsterdam and provides an in-depth look into the world’s oldest profession. From vintage photographs to unique artifacts, you’ll gain a fascinating insight into the cultural and social aspects of sex throughout the ages.

3. Red Light Secrets – Museum of Prostitution

Continue your exploration by visiting Red Light Secrets, also known as the Museum of Prostitution. This interactive museum takes you behind the scenes of the Red Light District, allowing you to learn about the life of sex workers and the challenges they face. Gain a deeper understanding of the profession and the laws surrounding it.

4. Casa Rosso

If you’re intrigued by live adult entertainment, make a stop at Casa Rosso. This famous theater offers a variety of erotic shows that blend humor, art, and sensuality. From burlesque performances to sensual acts, Casa Rosso provides a unique and thrilling experience. Please note that entry is restricted to adults only.

5. Amsterdam Museum

While not directly located in the Red Light District, the Amsterdam Museum provides a comprehensive overview of the city’s history, including its connection to the Red Light District. Explore the exhibits to learn about the cultural, economic, and social factors that have shaped Amsterdam and its tolerance for sex work throughout the centuries.

6. Coffeeshops

Another aspect of Amsterdam’s culture is its relaxed stance on cannabis. The Red Light District contains several famous coffeeshops where visitors can legally purchase and consume marijuana. Check out names like Bulldog, Dampkring, or Grey Area to experience a unique part of Amsterdam’s counterculture.

7. De Waag

De Waag, a historic building in the Red Light District, offers a unique blend of history and gastronomy. Formerly a weighhouse, it now houses a popular restaurant. Indulge in delicious meals while admiring the building’s medieval architecture. A perfect spot to take a break and appreciate the surroundings.


The Red Light District in Amsterdam is a place of contrasts, where history, culture, and adult entertainment come together. By exploring the suggested places, you can gain a deeper understanding of this unique neighborhood and the various aspects it encompasses. Remember to approach your visit with respect and curiosity, and always be mindful of the boundaries and privacy of those working in the area. Enjoy your exploration of the fascinating Red Light District!





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