Experience the Amsterdam Red Light District Tour on YouTube

The Amsterdam Red Light District is a famous area that attracts tourists from all over the world. Known for its legalized prostitution and thriving nightlife, it offers a unique experience that many find intriguing. If you would like to explore the Amsterdam Red Light District from the comfort of your own home, YouTube can be a fantastic resource. In this blog post, we will guide you through the best YouTube channels and videos to ensure you have an immersive and informative virtual tour.

1. Prostitution Information Center

The Prostitution Information Center (PIC) is an excellent starting point for understanding the Amsterdam Red Light District. Their YouTube channel provides educational content about the realities of the district, dispelling myths and addressing misconceptions. The videos on their channel offer insight into the lives of sex workers and the legal framework surrounding prostitution in the Netherlands.

By watching the Prostitution Information Center’s videos, you can gain a deeper understanding of the history, culture, and challenges faced by those working in the district. Their content promotes a respectful and compassionate approach towards the sex workers and aims to educate viewers about the importance of supporting them.

2. Amsterdam Calling

Amsterdam Calling is a popular YouTube channel that showcases the various attractions and events in Amsterdam, including the Red Light District. Their professional videos cover everything from the canals and historic buildings to the vibrant nightlife.

Amsterdam Calling offers an insider’s perspective, providing tips and recommendations for a memorable visit to the district. By watching their videos, you’ll gain insights into the best time to visit, recommended tours, and how to navigate the area safely. They also provide information on other attractions nearby, allowing you to plan a comprehensive itinerary.

3. From Here to Timbuktu

From Here to Timbuktu is a travel vlog that explores various destinations around the world, including Amsterdam. Their Red Light District videos provide a personal and authentic experience of the area. By watching their videos, you’ll feel like you’re walking the streets yourself.

This YouTube channel offers a fresh perspective on the district, showcasing not only the famous red-lit windows but also the lively bars, clubs, and coffee shops. They provide useful tips on where to eat, drink, and enjoy the nightlife. Additionally, the host shares interesting stories and insights about the history and culture of the neighborhood.

4. Mark Wickersham

Mark Wickersham is a professional tour guide who specializes in the Amsterdam Red Light District. His YouTube channel offers virtual tours, providing an in-depth understanding of the area’s history, architecture, and social dynamics.

Mark’s videos take you through the narrow alleys and canals, sharing fascinating stories about the buildings and landmarks along the way. With his expert guidance, you can learn about the district’s transformation, from its origins as a sailors’ quarter to its present-day reputation.

5. Walking Amsterdam

Walking Amsterdam is a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring Amsterdam on foot. While not exclusively focused on the Red Light District, their videos cover various neighborhoods, including the famous district.

By watching the Walking Amsterdam videos, you can discover lesser-known spots within the district, away from the main tourist areas. The host provides insights into the daily lives of people living in the neighborhood and highlights hidden gems that many visitors miss.


Exploring the Amsterdam Red Light District through YouTube can be a captivating and educational experience. Whether you’re planning a future visit or simply curious to learn more, these YouTube channels offer an immersive virtual tour. Remember to approach the subject with respect and empathy, recognizing the real lives behind the windows.

By watching videos from the Prostitution Information Center, Amsterdam Calling, From Here to Timbuktu, Mark Wickersham, and Walking Amsterdam, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the district’s history, culture, and attractions. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy your virtual journey through the Amsterdam Red Light District!





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