Gay Bars in Amsterdam: Your Guide to the Best Spots!


Amsterdam is well-known for its vibrant and inclusive LGBTQ+ scene. The city offers a diverse and welcoming environment for people of all sexual orientations. If you’re looking to explore the gay bar scene in Amsterdam, you’re in for a treat! In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to some of the best gay bars in Amsterdam and help you find a spot near you.

1. Club NYX

If you’re in the mood for dancing, Club NYX is a must-visit. This three-story nightclub offers various dance floors, each with a different music genre. The club attracts a diverse crowd and hosts regular themed nights and drag shows. Don’t miss their famous “Vogue Nights” if you’re into voguing and ballroom culture!


Club NYX is located at Reguliersdwarsstraat 42, 1017 BM Amsterdam.

2. Taboo Bar

Taboo Bar is a popular gay bar known for its friendly atmosphere and great cocktails. This cozy and welcoming venue is perfect for meeting new friends and enjoying a laid-back evening. The bar often features live entertainment, including drag shows and karaoke nights.


Taboo Bar is located at Reguliersdwarsstraat 45, 1017 BK Amsterdam.

3. SoHo

SoHo is a trendy and stylish gay bar that offers a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The bar is known for its unique cocktail menu and impressive selection of spirits. SoHo also hosts regular events such as guest DJs and theme nights. Don’t forget to check out their beautiful outdoor terrace during the summer months!


SoHo is located at Reguliersdwarsstraat 36-I, 1017 BM Amsterdam.

4. Prik

If you’re looking for a lively and energetic gay bar, then Prik is the place to be. This vibrant venue is known for its friendly staff, colorful decor, and extensive menu of delicious cocktails. Prik regularly hosts events, including pub quizzes and drag bingo, ensuring a night filled with laughter and entertainment.


Prik is located at Spuistraat 109, 1012 SV Amsterdam.


Amsterdam offers a fantastic gay bar scene, catering to all tastes and preferences. Whether you’re seeking a place to dance the night away or relax with friends over cocktails, there’s a gay bar in Amsterdam for you. Be sure to explore the locations mentioned in this post and discover the vibrant LGBTQ+ community in this beautiful city!





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