Is Amsterdam Kid Friendly?

Are you considering a family trip to Amsterdam but wondering if it is a suitable destination for kids? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore the kid-friendly aspects of Amsterdam and provide you with all the information you need to plan an enjoyable trip for the whole family.

1. Parks and Outdoor Spaces

Amsterdam offers numerous parks and outdoor spaces where kids can run, play, and enjoy the fresh air. Vondelpark is the most popular park in the city and is perfect for picnics, bike rides, and even paddle boating on the ponds. The park also features multiple playgrounds and an open-air theater that occasionally hosts family-friendly performances.

Another great option is the Amsterdamse Bos, a large forested area with exciting activities for children. Here, you can find climbing walls, zip lines, and even a goat farm. It’s an ideal spot for a day of outdoor adventure.

2. Museums and Cultural Attractions

While Amsterdam is known for its museums and cultural attractions, some might think they are not suitable for kids. However, many museums in the city offer interactive exhibits and programs specifically designed for children.

The NEMO Science Museum is a favorite among families. It provides hands-on experiments, interactive displays, and demonstrations that make learning about science a fun experience for kids. The Maritime Museum is another great option, allowing children to explore a full-size replica of an East India Company ship.

Don’t forget to visit the Artis Royal Zoo, which not only showcases a wide variety of animals but also features a planetarium and aquarium. It’s a perfect opportunity for kids to learn about nature and different ecosystems in a playful and engaging way.

3. Transportation and Accessibility

Getting around Amsterdam with kids is a breeze. The city is known for its extensive and efficient public transportation system, which includes trams, buses, and trains. Most public transportation options are stroller-friendly, making it convenient for families to explore the city without much hassle.

Additionally, Amsterdam is a compact city, making it easy to navigate on foot or by bicycle. Some areas even offer free or affordable bicycle rentals for children, allowing you to explore the city at your own pace while enjoying the picturesque canals and charming streets.

4. Family-Friendly Accommodation

When it comes to accommodation, Amsterdam offers various family-friendly options. Many hotels provide amenities specifically catered to families, such as cribs, extra beds, and even play areas. It’s always a good idea to check with your chosen accommodation to ensure they can accommodate your family’s needs.

5. Kid-Oriented Activities

In addition to parks and museums, Amsterdam is home to several kid-oriented activities that will keep your little ones entertained. The NEMO Science Museum, mentioned earlier, is just one example. However, there are other options as well.

The TunFun Speelpark, located in a converted tunnel, offers an indoor playground with slides, climbing structures, and trampolines. Your kids will have a blast, regardless of the weather outside.

If your children are animal lovers, a visit to the Kinderboerderijen, or city farms, is a must. These urban farms allow kids to pet animals, feed them, and even learn more about their care.


So, is Amsterdam kid-friendly? The answer is a resounding yes! With its abundance of parks, interactive museums, excellent transportation, family-friendly accommodations, and various kid-oriented activities, Amsterdam is an ideal destination for families.

By planning your itinerary to include a mix of outdoor adventures, educational visits, and child-focused attractions, you can create an unforgettable trip that will entertain and engage every member of your family. Start packing your bags and get ready for an Amsterdam adventure that your kids will cherish for a lifetime!





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