Is Budapest Safe at Night?

Budapest is a vibrant and beautiful city that offers a variety of attractions, nightlife, and cultural experiences. Whether you’re planning a romantic stroll along the Danube River or hopping from one ruin pub to another, safety is always a concern, especially when exploring the city at night. In this article, we will discuss the safety of Budapest at night and provide you with essential tips to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.

Understanding Budapest’s Overall Safety

Budapest is generally a safe city, and like any other urban area, it is important to take precautions regardless of the time of day. According to the Global Peace Index, Hungary ranks 26th out of 163 countries in terms of safety, highlighting Budapest as a relatively secure destination for tourists.

Safe Neighborhoods to Explore at Night

When exploring Budapest at night, it’s advisable to visit well-lit and popular areas. The following neighborhoods are known for their safety and vibrant nightlife:

  • District V (Belváros-Lipótváros): This central district, known as the downtown area, is home to numerous restaurants, bars, and shops. It is regularly patrolled by police, making it a safe choice for a night out.
  • District VI (Terézváros): This district is home to Budapest’s famous Andrássy Avenue, which offers beautiful architecture and a range of entertainment options.
  • District VII (Erzsébetváros): Known for its ruin pubs and vibrant nightlife, this district is popular among locals and tourists alike. While safe, it’s essential to remain cautious and be aware of your surroundings in crowded areas.
  • District XIII (Újlipótváros): This district, located along the Danube River, is known for its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful riverfront promenade, perfect for an evening stroll.

Tips for Staying Safe

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while exploring Budapest at night, consider the following tips:

1. Use Reliable Transportation

When traveling at night, it’s best to use licensed taxis or rideshare apps such as Bolt or Uber. These services provide an extra layer of security and offer transparent pricing. Avoid unlicensed taxis to prevent potential scams.

2. Be Mindful of Your Belongings

Keep a close eye on your personal belongings, particularly in crowded areas. Use cross-body bags or money belts to store your valuables and avoid displaying expensive items.

3. Walk in Well-Lit Areas

Stick to well-lit streets and avoid dimly lit or deserted areas, especially at night. If possible, walk with a group of people or a trusted local guide.

4. Stay Alert and Trust Your Instincts

Pay attention to your surroundings and trust your instincts. If something feels off or uncomfortable, move to a more populated area or seek assistance from nearby establishments.

5. Familiarize Yourself with Emergency Contact Information

Before exploring Budapest, make sure to save emergency contact numbers, including the local police and your embassy, in your phone. Should you encounter any issues, you’ll have quick access to assistance.

6. Take Precautions Against Pickpocketing

Budapest, like many popular tourist destinations, can attract pickpockets. Keep your belongings secure and remain mindful of your surroundings, particularly in crowded areas, public transportation, or tourist hotspots.


Budapest is generally considered a safe city for tourists, including nighttime activities. By following these tips and being aware of your surroundings, you can fully enjoy your visit to Budapest without any major safety concerns. Remember to take precautions, stay alert, and trust your instincts. Safe travels!





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