Live Music Cocktail Bars in Barcelona | The Ultimate Guide


Welcome to our ultimate guide on live music cocktail bars in Barcelona! If you’re a music lover and enjoy sipping on delicious cocktails, then Barcelona offers a vibrant nightlife scene that combines the best of both worlds. In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the top live music cocktail bars in Barcelona where you can have a great time immersing yourself in the melodies while enjoying delightful drinks.

1. JazzSí Club

JazzSí Club is one of the most iconic live music cocktail bars in Barcelona. Located in the heart of the city, this venue is known for its fantastic jazz performances by local and international artists. You can enjoy a wide selection of cocktails while indulging in the soothing rhythms of jazz music. Don’t miss their weekly jam sessions where talented musicians gather to create magic on stage!


  • Live jazz music
  • Extensive cocktail menu
  • Weekly jam sessions

2. Harlem Jazz Club

Harlem Jazz Club is a legendary spot in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. This intimate and cozy venue boasts a rich history of hosting incredible live music performances, including jazz, soul, blues, and more. The ambiance and acoustics make it a perfect place to enjoy live music while sipping on your favorite cocktail. Arrive early to grab a good seat, as it gets crowded quickly!


  • Wide range of live music genres
  • Intimate atmosphere
  • Craft cocktails

3. El Paraigua

Situated in the Gothic Quarter, El Paraigua is a live music cocktail bar that offers a mix of jazz, blues, and soulful performances. The talented musicians and singers create an enchanting atmosphere that perfectly complements their expertly crafted cocktails. Don’t forget to check out their schedule in advance, as they also organize special events and themed nights.


  • Jazz, blues, and soul music
  • Special events and themed nights
  • Signature cocktails

4. Jamboree Dance Club

While primarily known as a dance club, Jamboree also hosts live music performances, particularly within the realms of jazz and flamenco. The energy-packed shows will have you grooving to the beats while enjoying your favorite cocktails. Make sure to check their schedule for live music events, as they take place on selected dates.


  • Live jazz and flamenco music
  • Lively dance club atmosphere
  • Refreshing cocktail options


Barcelona is a city that never fails to impress when it comes to live music and cocktail bars. Whether you’re a jazz enthusiast or passionate about other genres, these live music cocktail bars mentioned are sure to provide you with a fantastic evening filled with captivating melodies and delicious drinks. So, make sure to include at least one of these venues in your Barcelona itinerary for an unforgettable night out!

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