Madrid Events in January: A Guide to Celebrations and Festivals

Welcome to Madrid, the vibrant capital of Spain! If you are planning to visit in January, you’re in luck. This city is known for its lively atmosphere and exciting events. In this guide, we will take you through the top events and festivals happening in Madrid during the month of January.

1. Three Kings Parade

January 5th marks the occasion of the Three Kings Parade, also known as the Cabalgata de Reyes. This colorful and lively procession celebrates the arrival of the Three Wise Men bearing gifts for children. The parade starts at Plaza de Cibeles and ends at Puerta del Sol, passing through the main streets of Madrid. Expect elaborate floats, street performers, and plenty of sweets being thrown to the crowd. It’s an event that both kids and adults will enjoy!

2. San Antón Festival

The San Antón Festival takes place on January 17th and honors the patron saint of animals. The festival is characterized by the Blessing of the Animals ceremony conducted by local priests at the San Antón Church. Pet owners bring their beloved animals to receive blessings for good health and protection. Alongside the ceremony, you’ll find an outdoor market selling pet-related products, including food, accessories, and toys. Take this opportunity to witness the strong bond between Madrileños and their four-legged friends.

3. International Contemporary Art Fair (ARCOmadrid)

If you’re an art enthusiast, don’t miss the International Contemporary Art Fair, commonly known as ARCOmadrid. This prestigious event showcases contemporary artworks from around the world. Held annually in late February, ARCOmadrid provides a platform for emerging artists and well-known galleries to display their creations. Explore the diverse range of paintings, sculptures, installations, and more. It’s an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene that Madrid has to offer.

4. Winter Sales

If you’re a shopaholic, January is the perfect time to visit Madrid for its winter sales. The city is known for its fashion-forward boutiques and department stores. Take advantage of significant discounts on clothing, accessories, and household items. The main shopping areas such as Gran Vía, Puerta del Sol, and Salamanca District are bustling with locals and tourists seeking great deals. So grab your shopping bags and get ready for some serious retail therapy!

5. Madrid Fusión

For food enthusiasts, Madrid Fusión is an unmissable event. This international gastronomy summit gathers acclaimed chefs, restaurateurs, and food lovers from all over the world. Attend cooking demonstrations, talks, and workshops featuring avant-garde culinary techniques and traditional Spanish cuisine. Get inspired by the innovative flavors and presentations. Madrid sure knows how to satisfy your taste buds!

6. Cinema in English

If you’re an English speaker and want to enjoy movies in their original language, Madrid offers the “Cinema in English” events. This initiative screens a selection of films in English with Spanish subtitles. It’s a fantastic opportunity to catch up on recent releases or classics in their intended language. Check the schedules of local cinemas and cultural centers to find out which movies are being screened during your visit.

7. Madrid Gospel Festival

If you’re a fan of soulful music, don’t miss the Madrid Gospel Festival. This annual event takes place in January and brings together talented gospel choirs from around the world. Experience the uplifting and powerful voices of the performers as they spread the joy of gospel music. The festival includes live concerts, workshops, and interactive sessions where you can learn to sing gospel songs. It’s a soul-stirring experience that will leave you feeling inspired.

8. FITUR International Tourism Fair

The FITUR International Tourism Fair is one of the most important events in the travel industry. It takes place in late January, and Madrid becomes the center of attention for professionals in the tourism sector. The fair showcases destinations, hotels, and services from various countries. It’s an excellent opportunity to gather travel information, discover new destinations, and plan your future adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning your first trip, FITUR has something for everyone.


Madrid in January offers a wide range of events and festivals to suit different interests. Whether you’re a culture enthusiast, foodie, art lover, or shopaholic, there’s something for everyone. Plan your visit accordingly to make the most of these exciting events. Don’t forget to check the official websites for updated schedules and additional information.





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