Nice Bars in Nice: A Beginner’s Guide


Welcome to the ultimate guide to finding the best bars in Nice! Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Nice offers an incredible variety of bars to suit every taste. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll take you on a journey through some of the city’s top bars, from hidden gems to popular hangouts. So sit back, relax, and let’s discover the nightlife scene in Nice!

1. Le Comptoir

Located in the heart of Nice, Le Comptoir is a cozy bar known for its warm ambiance and friendly staff. This charming bar offers an extensive selection of wines, beers, and cocktails. Be sure to try their signature cocktail, “Le Comptoir Special,” which is made from locally sourced ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind after a long day or a spot to meet friends, Le Comptoir won’t disappoint.

2. La Movida

If you’re in the mood for a vibrant and lively atmosphere, head to La Movida. This popular bar is known for its lively music, energetic crowd, and delicious tapas. Grab a seat on the outdoor terrace and enjoy the bustling nightlife of Nice. La Movida frequently hosts live music performances, so you might get lucky and catch a talented local band during your visit.

3. Wayne’s

For those who love a good cocktail, Wayne’s is the place to be. This trendy bar offers a wide range of creative and expertly crafted cocktails. The skilled mixologists at Wayne’s pride themselves on using high-quality ingredients to create innovative and unforgettable drinks. Situated in the hip neighborhood of Vieux Nice, Wayne’s is a great spot to start your evening in style.

4. Ma Nolans

If you’re missing the comforts of home or looking for a taste of Irish hospitality, Ma Nolans is the perfect choice. This Irish pub offers a warm and welcoming environment, complete with live sports screenings and a selection of traditional pub food. Whether you’re a sports fan or simply looking for a fun and relaxed evening, Ma Nolans has got you covered.

5. Le Bar des Oiseaux

Nestled in the picturesque Old Town, Le Bar des Oiseaux is a hidden gem with a laid-back vibe. This cozy bar is known for its extensive list of wines and craft beers. The friendly staff are always happy to recommend a drink to suit your taste. Enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the charming surroundings of the Old Town. Le Bar des Oiseaux is a must-visit for wine enthusiasts.


Nice is a city that truly comes alive after dark, offering a wide range of bars to cater to every preference. From cozy wine bars to lively pubs, there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur or a beer lover, make sure to explore the vibrant nightlife scene in Nice and try out these remarkable bars. Cheers to a memorable night out in Nice!





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