Popular Bars in Berlin

Berlin is known for its vibrant nightlife and buzzing bar scene. With a plethora of options to choose from, finding the right bar can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. In this post, we’ll explore some of the popular bars in Berlin that are worth checking out. Whether you’re into cocktails, craft beer, or simply soaking up the atmosphere, this guide will help you navigate the city’s coolest drinking spots.

1. Clärchens Ballhaus

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Mitte, Clärchens Ballhaus is a Berlin institution that dates back to 1913. This iconic bar and dance hall offers a unique blend of history and entertainment. With its charming vintage decor and live music, it’s the perfect place to experience Berlin’s nostalgic charm. Don’t miss out on their spacious beer garden during the warmer months, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink under the twinkling fairy lights.

2. Buck and Breck

If you’re a cocktail enthusiast, then Buck and Breck is a must-visit. Tucked away in a hidden alley in Mitte, this speakeasy-style bar serves up some of the most exquisite and innovative cocktails in Berlin. The intimate setting and attention to detail in their drink presentation create a memorable experience. However, do note that reservations are required, as the bar only accommodates a limited number of guests at a time.

3. Kaschk

Kaschk is a haven for beer lovers and coffee aficionados. Located in the heart of Berlin, this Scandinavian-inspired bar offers an extensive selection of craft beers from around the world. Whether you’re into hoppy IPAs, rich stouts, or fruity sours, Kaschk has something to satisfy every beer palate. Don’t forget to try their fantastic coffee during the day, which pairs perfectly with their homemade pastries.

4. Newton Bar

If you’re in the mood for a glamorous night out, Newton Bar is the place to be. Located near the famous Gendarmenmarkt square, this elegant bar exudes sophistication and style. With its art deco interiors and a vast array of spirits, including an extensive whisky collection, Newton Bar offers a luxurious drinking experience. Make sure to dress up for the occasion and enjoy their classic and expertly mixed cocktails.

5. Yaam Beach Bar

For a more relaxed and tropical vibe, head to Yaam Beach Bar. Situated along the river Spree, this outdoor bar and cultural hotspot brings a slice of the Caribbean to Berlin. With its sandy beach, palm trees, and reggae beats, Yaam is the perfect place to unwind and soak up the sun. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail, indulge in Caribbean street food, and take part in various activities, such as yoga classes or live music events. It’s the ultimate summer hangout spot.


Berlin’s bar scene is diverse and exciting, offering something for everyone. From historic dance halls to hidden cocktail gems, this city has it all. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring the popular bars in Berlin is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the city’s culture and nightlife. So grab your friends, raise a glass, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere that Berlin has to offer.





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