Supper Club Amsterdam Dress Code: What You Need to Know

If you’re planning a visit to the famous Supper Club in Amsterdam, it’s important to understand the dress code to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Dressing appropriately will not only help you feel more comfortable but also show respect for the establishment.

Understanding the Dress Code

The Supper Club Amsterdam has a smart-casual dress code policy. This means you should aim to look presentable, neat, and stylish without going overboard. Below are some guidelines to follow:

For Men:

  • Avoid wearing sportswear, including tracksuits or athletic shoes.
  • Opt for collared shirts, dress shoes, and tailored pants.
  • A jacket or blazer can add an extra touch of elegance, but it’s not mandatory.
  • Jeans are acceptable as long as they are clean and in good condition.

For Women:

  • Avoid overly casual attire, such as flip-flops or shorts.
  • Choose dresses, skirts, or tailored pants paired with a stylish top.
  • High heels, flats, or dressy sandals are suitable footwear choices.
  • Make sure your outfit is tasteful and doesn’t reveal too much skin.

Tips for Dressing Well

Here are some additional tips to help you dress well for your visit to Supper Club Amsterdam:

1. Pay Attention to Details:

Ensure your clothes are clean, ironed, and free from stains or tears. Pay attention to your grooming as well, such as neatly trimmed hair and clean nails.

2. Consider the Theme:

The Supper Club occasionally hosts themed events. Keep an eye on their website or social media channels for any specific dress code instructions related to the event you plan to attend.

3. Dress Comfortably:

While looking good is important, also prioritize comfort. You’ll be spending an evening enjoying food, drinks, and entertainment, so choose clothing and footwear that will allow you to move and sit comfortably.

4. Ask for Clarification:

If you’re uncertain about any aspect of the dress code, don’t hesitate to contact Supper Club Amsterdam directly. They will be happy to provide further guidance and answer any questions you may have.

What Not to Wear

There are a few things that are strictly prohibited at Supper Club Amsterdam:

  • Athletic wear, such as gym clothes or sneakers.
  • Beachwear, including swimwear or beach sandals.
  • Offensive or inappropriate attire.
  • Excessive and flashy accessories or jewelry.

The Value of Dressing Appropriately

Adhering to the dress code policy at Supper Club Amsterdam ensures a pleasant experience for both you and other guests. By dressing appropriately, you contribute to the overall ambiance of the venue and show respect for the establishment’s standards.

Remember, the Supper Club is known for its stylish and sophisticated atmosphere, and embracing the dress code helps maintain its unique charm.

Final Thoughts

When planning your visit to Supper Club Amsterdam, it’s important to understand and follow the smart-casual dress code. By dressing appropriately and paying attention to the guidelines provided, you’ll be ready to enjoy an unforgettable evening of fine dining and entertainment at one of the city’s most renowned venues.





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