The Best Cocktail Bars in Amsterdam According to Reddit

Amsterdam, the vibrant capital of the Netherlands, is not only famous for its picturesque canals and historic sights but also for its thriving cocktail bar scene. If you’re a cocktail enthusiast looking to explore the city’s nightlife, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top cocktail bars in Amsterdam based on recommendations from the Reddit community.

1. Tales & Spirits

Tales & Spirits, located in the lively Jordaan neighborhood, is a must-visit for cocktail lovers. This intimate bar boasts a diverse menu of handcrafted cocktails inspired by classic recipes and innovative twists. With its cozy ambiance and talented mixologists, Tales & Spirits offers an immersive cocktail experience.

2. Door 74

For those seeking a speakeasy vibe and a touch of mystery, Door 74 is the place to be. Tucked away behind an unmarked door, this hidden gem invites you to step back in time to the prohibition era. The skilled bartenders create personalized cocktails tailored to each guest’s preferences, ensuring a memorable and unique experience.

3. Hiding in Plain Sight

True to its name, Hiding in Plain Sight hides within the bustling city center. This upscale cocktail bar combines elegant aesthetics with a refined drinks menu. The bartenders are known for their creativity and expertise, consistently delivering impeccable cocktails. Don’t miss their signature creations!

4. Flying Dutchmen Cocktails

Flying Dutchmen Cocktails is a paradise for cocktail enthusiasts. This bar prides itself on using artisanal techniques to create extraordinary drinks. The skilled bartenders conduct experiments with flavors, resulting in unique and delightful concoctions. Each visit promises a new and exciting set of cocktail adventures.

5. Vesper Bar

If you’re looking for a cocktail bar that exudes elegance and sophistication, Vesper Bar should be on your list. This stylish venue offers an extensive selection of meticulously crafted cocktails made from premium ingredients. Sit back, relax, and indulge in a delicious cocktail prepared with precision and skill.

6. Pulitzer’s Bar

Located within the iconic Pulitzer Amsterdam Hotel, Pulitzer’s Bar presents a combination of classic and contemporary cocktails. With an impressive menu and a team of talented mixologists, this bar delivers exceptional drinks in a classy yet relaxed setting. The luxurious ambiance and top-notch service make it a notable choice.

7. HPS

Paying homage to the classic apothecary, HPS (Hiding in Plain Sight) offers an experience that blends mixology and pharmaceuticals. This unique concept results in an intriguing cocktail menu and an atmosphere that transports you to another era. The knowledgeable staff will guide you through their creations, ensuring an unforgettable visit.

8. Waterkant

For a more casual experience in the heart of Amsterdam, Waterkant is the ideal spot. Situated alongside one of the city’s canals, this vibrant bar serves refreshing cocktails with a touch of tropical flair. Enjoy your drink on the outdoor terrace, soak in the lively ambiance, and embrace the Dutch spirit.

9. 5&33

Part art gallery, part bar, 5&33 offers a unique fusion of cultural experiences. Located in the art-centric Jordaan district, this contemporary venue serves artistically inspired cocktails. The combination of innovative mixology and artistic surroundings makes 5&33 a must-visit for any creative soul.

10. Feijoa

If you’re in search of an exotic twist on classic cocktails, Feijoa is the place to be. Known for its extensive collection of over 50 different gins, this cozy bar takes pride in its gin-based creations. Let the knowledgeable staff guide you through their impressive selection and have your taste buds whisked away on a flavor adventure.

In Conclusion

Amsterdam’s cocktail bar scene offers a diverse range of venues, each with its own unique charm and expertise. Whether you’re into classic concoctions, innovative mixes, or immersive experiences, there is a cocktail bar in Amsterdam that will suit your preferences.

Remember to drink responsibly and make the most of your cocktail adventures in Amsterdam. Cheers!





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