The Best Social Clubs in Barcelona According to Reddit

Welcome to the beautiful city of Barcelona! If you’re new to the area or looking to expand your social circle, joining a social club can be a great way to meet like-minded people, make friends, and discover exciting activities in the city. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best social clubs in Barcelona according to recommendations from the vibrant Barcelona community on Reddit.

What is a Social Club?

Before we dive into the specific recommendations, let’s briefly discuss what a social club is. A social club is an organized group of individuals with similar interests or hobbies who come together to participate in activities, events, and outings. These clubs provide a platform for meeting new people, building relationships, and exploring common passions.

Barcelona’s Reddit Community

Reddit is a popular online platform where people can engage in discussions and share information on various topics. The Barcelona subreddit is a community of locals, expats, and travelers who come together to discuss everything related to the city. It’s a fantastic resource for finding recommendations, getting advice, and connecting with others.

The Best Social Clubs in Barcelona According to Reddit

Based on the input from Barcelona’s Reddit community, here are some of the best social clubs to consider:

1. Barcelona Expats Club

The Barcelona Expats Club is a diverse and welcoming group for expatriates living in Barcelona. They organize regular social events, cultural outings, and activities such as hiking, cooking classes, and language exchanges. It’s a great way to make new friends and feel connected to the expat community.

2. Internations Barcelona

Internations is a global community for expatriates, and their Barcelona chapter is vibrant and active. They host various events, including social gatherings, business networking, and cultural outings. Internations is a fantastic platform for meeting fellow expats and locals.

3. Language Exchange Barcelona

If you’re interested in learning or practicing a new language, Language Exchange Barcelona is an excellent choice. They organize language exchange events where participants can practice different languages in a friendly and relaxed environment. It’s a fantastic opportunity to improve your language skills while meeting new people.

4. Meetup Groups

While not strictly a social club, Meetup is a widely-used platform to find groups and events based on specific interests. Barcelona has a plethora of Meetup groups covering a wide range of activities, such as hiking, photography, entrepreneurship, board games, and much more. Joining a Meetup group aligned with your hobbies or passions is a fantastic way to meet like-minded individuals.

5. Couchsurfing Events

Couchsurfing is a platform primarily known for offering travelers accommodations, but it also hosts social events that are open to both locals and travelers. These events provide a chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds and establish connections in a relaxed and friendly setting.

Tips for Choosing a Social Club

When selecting a social club, it’s essential to consider your interests, goals, and availability. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Think about your hobbies and passions. Look for social clubs that align with your interests, whether it’s sports, arts and culture, language learning, or anything else.
  • Consider the scheduling and availability of the club’s events. Make sure their meetups and activities match your availability and are located conveniently.
  • Read reviews and testimonials from current or former members of the social club. This insight can give you a better understanding of the club’s atmosphere and activities.
  • Reach out to the club organizers or members through their online platforms to ask any specific questions you may have or to get a better understanding of the club’s dynamics.


Barcelona offers a wide range of social clubs, providing ample opportunities to meet new people, engage in exciting activities, and build lasting friendships. The recommendations from Barcelona’s Reddit community, such as the Barcelona Expats Club, Internations, Language Exchange Barcelona, Meetup groups, and Couchsurfing events, offer a solid starting point for finding the right social club for you.

Remember to do your own research, explore various options, attend trial events, and find the social club that best matches your interests and goals. Joining a social club can significantly enhance your Barcelona experience, allowing you to connect with others, explore the city, and create unforgettable memories.

Do you have any questions or additional recommendations? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!





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