The Ultimate Amsterdam Pub Guide

Welcome to Amsterdam!

If you’re a fan of pub culture, you’re in luck. Amsterdam is home to a vibrant and diverse pub scene that offers something for everyone. From traditional Dutch pubs called “bruin cafés” to trendy craft beer bars, this guide will help you navigate through the best spots in the city.

Types of Pubs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam boasts a wide range of pubs, each with its own unique atmosphere. Here are a few types of pubs you’ll come across:

  • Bruin Cafés: These are cozy, brown-colored pubs with a traditional Dutch vibe. They often serve local beer and snacks.
  • Craft Beer Bars: If you’re a craft beer enthusiast, you’ll love the craft beer bars in Amsterdam. They offer a wide selection of local and international brews.
  • Jazz Cafés: Amsterdam has a thriving jazz scene, and jazz cafés are the perfect place to enjoy live music while sipping your favorite drink.
  • Amsterdam Pub “Brown” Tours: These unique tours take you to the oldest and most authentic brown cafés in the city, providing a glimpse into Amsterdam’s rich pub history.

Popular Pub Districts

Amsterdam has several neighborhoods known for their bustling pub scenes. Consider visiting the following areas:


Jordaan is a picturesque neighborhood with narrow streets lined with pubs and cafés. It’s the perfect place to grab a drink after exploring the nearby canals.


Leidseplein is a vibrant square packed with pubs, clubs, and bars. It’s a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, especially in the evenings.

De Pijp

De Pijp is a trendy neighborhood filled with hip pubs and beer gardens. It’s known for its lively atmosphere and diverse range of international cuisines.

Must-Visit Pubs in Amsterdam

Café Hoppe

Café Hoppe is one of Amsterdam’s oldest pubs, dating back to 1670. It’s a classic brown café that serves a wide variety of local beer and jenever (Dutch gin).

Proeflokaal Arendsnest

If you’re a beer connoisseur, Proeflokaal Arendsnest is a must-visit. This craft beer bar has an impressive selection of over 50 Dutch beers on tap.


For jazz lovers, Bimhuis is a legendary jazz café located near Amsterdam Central Station. Enjoy world-class live jazz performances while enjoying a drink.

In’t Aepjen

In’t Aepjen is a quirky pub with a fascinating history. It was a popular spot for sailors in the 17th century, and it’s said that patrons used to pay their tabs with monkeys!

Pub Etiquette

While visiting pubs in Amsterdam, it’s helpful to keep a few things in mind:

  • When entering a pub, always greet the bartender with a friendly “Hallo!” or “Goedenavond!” (Good Evening!).
  • It’s common to sit at communal tables in some pubs, so don’t be surprised if someone joins you.
  • Many Dutch people speak English fluently, but learning a few basic Dutch phrases like “Dank je wel” (Thank you) can go a long way.
  • Always tip your bartender and servers, as it’s customary in the Netherlands.

Wrap Up

Exploring Amsterdam’s pub scene is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local culture. Whether you prefer traditional pubs or modern craft beer bars, you’re sure to find a spot that suits your taste. Remember to drink responsibly and enjoy your pub-hopping adventure in one of Europe’s most enchanting cities!





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