The Ultimate Guide to Amsterdam Techno Clubs

Welcome to the vibrant world of Amsterdam’s techno clubs! If you’re a fan of electronic music and want to immerse yourself in the energetic and pulsating beats of techno, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll introduce you to the best clubs Amsterdam has to offer, provide insider tips, and help you plan an unforgettable night out in the techno scene.

1. Shelter

Tucked away under the bustling streets of Amsterdam, Shelter is a haven for techno enthusiasts. This underground club boasts an exceptional sound system that guarantees an immersive experience. With a lineup of renowned local and international DJs, you can dance the night away to cutting-edge techno beats.

Tips for Shelter:

  • Arrive early or buy tickets in advance, as the club often reaches capacity quickly.
  • Check the club’s website or follow them on social media to stay updated on upcoming events and DJ lineups.
  • Explore the various rooms and take advantage of the different vibes each one offers.

2. De School

Located in a former school building, De School is an iconic Amsterdam club that has gained a cult following among techno aficionados. This multifaceted venue not only houses a dance floor but also features a café, a restaurant, and an exhibition space. The club’s carefully curated events showcase cutting-edge techno artists.

Tips for De School:

  • Arrive early and enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant before hitting the dance floor.
  • Don’t miss out on the club’s impressive sound system, known for its crystal-clear audio quality.
  • Be prepared for an all-night party, as De School often hosts extended DJ sets.

3. Warehouse Elementenstraat

Housed in a former industrial warehouse, Warehouse Elementenstraat is an iconic Amsterdam club known for its raw and industrial atmosphere. With its immersive sound and impressive visual production, this venue has become a favorite among techno enthusiasts. The club often hosts top techno events and showcases both well-established and emerging artists.

Tips for Warehouse Elementenstraat:

  • Check the club’s website for upcoming events and dress code guidelines.
  • Consider arriving early to avoid long queues, especially for popular events.
  • Prepare for an intimate experience, as the main room has limited space.


Located in an industrial setting near Sloterdijk station, RADION offers a unique and intimate techno experience. This cultural hub hosts a variety of events, including techno parties, live music, and art exhibitions. With its diverse programming and friendly atmosphere, RADION appeals to both underground music aficionados and casual partygoers.

Tips for RADION:

  • Check out RADION’s website for their event calendar and explore the different experiences they offer.
  • Arrive early and take advantage of the club’s outdoor area during warmer months.
  • Chat with the welcoming staff, who are happy to provide recommendations for upcoming events.

5. Melkweg

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Melkweg is a renowned cultural center that encompasses a music venue, art exhibitions, a cinema, and a café. This versatile space hosts a wide range of musical genres, including top-notch techno events. Melkweg attracts both local talent and international superstars, making it a must-visit for any techno enthusiast.

Tips for Melkweg:

  • Keep an eye on Melkweg’s lineups, as they often feature world-class techno artists.
  • Arrive early to explore the venue’s different spaces and exhibitions.
  • Consider joining Melkweg’s membership program for discounted tickets and exclusive perks.


Amsterdam is undeniably one of the techno capitals of the world, and its thriving club scene offers an unparalleled experience for electronic music lovers. Whether you’re seeking an underground warehouse vibe or prefer a multifaceted venue, Amsterdam’s techno clubs have something for everyone. Remember to check the club’s websites or follow them on social media for the latest events and DJ lineups. Embrace the pulsating beats, let loose on the dance floor, and prepare to have an unforgettable night in Amsterdam’s techno paradise!





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