The Ultimate Guide to the Best Bars in Budapest

Are you planning a trip to Budapest and looking for the best places to enjoy a drink? Look no further! Budapest is renowned for its vibrant nightlife scene and offers a variety of bars that cater to different tastes. Whether you’re into craft cocktails, local beers, or relaxing atmospheres, this guide will help you navigate the city’s bar scene and find the perfect spot to unwind. Let’s dive in!

1. Szimpla Kert

The first stop on our list is Szimpla Kert, one of Budapest’s most famous ruin bars. Located in the heart of the city, this unique bar is situated in an old abandoned building, giving it an eclectic and underground ambiance.

Inside, you’ll find a maze of rooms with mismatched furniture, quirky decorations, and a lively atmosphere. Szimpla Kert offers a wide selection of drinks, including local Hungarian wines, craft beers, and signature cocktails. Don’t miss their famous Ruin Lust cocktail, made with pálinka, a traditional Hungarian fruit brandy. Enjoy your drink while exploring the various themed rooms or relax in their cozy courtyard.

2. Instant

If you’re a fan of electronic music, Instant is the place to be. This multi-story ruin bar is known for its diverse music program, featuring both local and international DJs. The interior is a colorful mix of retro and modern design, with funky decorations and cozy seating areas.

Instant has a spacious dance floor, where you can dance the night away to the beats of electronic music. The bar offers a wide range of drinks, including a variety of cocktails, craft beers, and shots. Don’t miss their signature Instant Iced Coffee, a refreshing blend of coffee liqueur, vodka, and soda.

3. High Note SkyBar

If you’re looking for a more upscale experience with breathtaking views, High Note SkyBar is the place to be. Located on the rooftop of the Aria Hotel Budapest, this bar offers panoramic views of the city’s skyline.

The elegant and sophisticated ambiance of High Note SkyBar makes it the perfect spot for a romantic evening or a special celebration. Sip on their handcrafted cocktails while enjoying the stunning views of landmarks such as St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Hungarian Parliament Building. Don’t miss their signature cocktail, the Budapest Sling, a refreshing mix of gin, cherry liqueur, and ginger ale.

4. Mazel Tov

If you’re looking for a bar with a unique atmosphere, Mazel Tov is worth a visit. Housed in a former glass factory, this Jewish-style ruin pub combines industrial design with a touch of Middle Eastern charm.

The spacious courtyard, adorned with greenery and fairy lights, creates a magical ambiance. Mazel Tov offers a diverse menu featuring a fusion of Middle Eastern and Hungarian cuisine, making it a great place for both drinks and dining. Try their signature cocktail, the Mazel Tov Spritz, a refreshing blend of sparkling wine, Aperol, and soda.

5. Kuplung

Kuplung is a vibrant bar located in Budapest’s party district. This popular hangout spot is known for its laid-back atmosphere, live music performances, and art exhibitions.

The interior is a blend of retro and industrial design, with exposed brick walls and vintage furniture. Kuplung offers a wide selection of drinks, including craft beers, Hungarian wines, and creative cocktails. Don’t miss their famous “Kuplung Mule,” a twist on the classic Moscow Mule with homemade ginger beer and Hungarian pálinka.

Final Thoughts

Budapest’s bar scene offers something for everyone, from quirky ruin bars to sophisticated rooftop establishments. Whether you’re looking for a lively party atmosphere or a cozy spot to relax and enjoy a drink, these bars are sure to satisfy your cravings. Make sure to explore different neighborhoods and discover hidden gems along the way. Cheers to a memorable night out in Budapest!





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