Underground Clubs in Berlin: A Beginner’s Guide

Berlin’s underground club scene is renowned worldwide. The city is home to
a vibrant and diverse nightlife, with countless clubs and venues offering
unique experiences for music lovers. If you’re new to the world of
underground clubs in Berlin, this guide will help you navigate your way
through this exciting scene.

1. Where to Find Information

Reddit is an excellent resource for discovering and exploring the diverse
range of underground clubs in Berlin. The Reddit community provides
up-to-date information, recommendations, and discussions on the hottest
clubs, events, and DJs in the city. Visit the r/berlin
subreddit to join the conversation and gain valuable insights from locals
and fellow enthusiasts.

2. Recommended Clubs

Berlin offers a plethora of remarkable underground clubs. Here are some
highly recommended venues to kick-start your club-hopping adventure:

a) Berghain/Panorama Bar

Berghain holds an iconic status within the Berlin clubbing scene. It’s
known for its legendary marathon parties that can last for days. The club
plays techno, house, and other electronic music genres. Don’t fret if you
encounter long entrance queues or face a strict door policy; it’s all part
of the experience. Located near Ostbahnhof, Berghain is a must-visit for
any electronic music enthusiast.

b) Watergate

Situated alongside the River Spree, Watergate stands out for its
picturesque views and exceptional sound system. The club primarily focuses
on techno and house music, hosting both local talents and international
DJs. Watergate is also renowned for its wrap-around LED lighting fixture
on the dance floor, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.

c) Tresor

Tresor has a rich history dating back to the early ’90s when it operated
from an abandoned bank vault in East Berlin. The club is synonymous with
the birth of Berlin’s techno scene. Tresor continues to be one of the
city’s most influential clubs, attracting techno enthusiasts from around
the globe.

3. Essential Tips

Here are some tips to enhance your underground clubbing experience in

  • Dress Code: Most clubs have a relaxed dress code, but
    avoid wearing sportswear or flip-flops. Opt for comfortable shoes as
    you’ll likely spend hours on the dance floor.
  • Cash: Bring cash with you, as some clubs might not
    accept card payments, especially at the bar.
  • Club Etiquette: Respect the club’s rules and the people
    around you. Avoid using flash photography or recording inside the
    venues without permission.
  • Water and Earplugs: Berlin clubs can get hot and
    crowded. Stay hydrated by drinking water regularly and protect your
    hearing with earplugs.
  • Exploring Different Genres: Don’t limit yourself to
    just one music genre. Berlin offers a diverse array of club nights, so
    be open to exploring different sounds and experiences.

4. Safety Considerations

While Berlin is generally a safe city, it’s always important to take
precautions for a worry-free clubbing experience:

  • Stay with Friends: If possible, attend clubs with a
    group of friends and look out for each other throughout the night.
  • Plan Your Route: Before heading out, familiarize
    yourself with the club’s location and plan your route. Ensure you have a
    reliable method of transportation back to your accommodation.
  • Stay Alert: Keep an eye on your belongings at all times
    and be cautious of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas.


Berlin’s underground club scene is an electrifying experience for music
lovers. From iconic venues like Berghain to the historic Tresor, the city
offers a diverse mix of clubs and electronic music genres. Use resources
like Reddit to stay updated with the latest information and immerse
yourself in the vibrant community. Remember to follow the essential tips
and prioritize your safety while enjoying the energetic and captivating
atmosphere of Berlin’s underground clubs.





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