What to Do in Budapest on a Sunday Night

Visiting Budapest on a Sunday night can be a fantastic experience, as the city offers a variety of activities and attractions to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in exploring the vibrant nightlife, indulging in local cuisine, or simply taking a leisurely stroll by the Danube River, Budapest has something for everyone. In this guide, we’ll highlight some of the best things to do on a Sunday night in Budapest.

1. Explore the Ruin Bars

Budapest is famous for its unique ruin bars, which are located in abandoned buildings throughout the city. These bars offer a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and are perfect for a relaxed Sunday night. Some popular ruin bars to visit include Szimpla Kert, Instant, and Mazel Tov. Enjoy a drink, soak in the vibrant surroundings, and perhaps catch a live performance or DJ set.

2. Take a Danube River Cruise

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Budapest is by taking a Danube River cruise. Many companies offer evening cruises that provide breathtaking views of the city’s illuminated landmarks, including the Parliament Building and Buda Castle. Relax on the deck, listen to live music, and capture memorable photos of Budapest at night.

3. Indulge in Hungarian Cuisine

Budapest is a food lover’s paradise, and Sunday night is the perfect time to treat yourself to some delicious Hungarian cuisine. Visit a traditional restaurant and try dishes like goulash, langos, or chimney cake. If you prefer a more casual experience, explore the city’s food markets, such as the Great Market Hall, and enjoy tasty street food options.

4. Attend a Performance

Budapest is known for its thriving arts scene, and Sunday nights offer plenty of opportunities to catch a performance. Check the schedules of local theaters and concert halls for shows ranging from classical music to contemporary theater. The Hungarian State Opera House and the Palace of Arts are two great venues to consider.

5. Visit the Thermal Baths

Unwind and relax at one of Budapest’s famous thermal baths. The city is renowned for its geothermal springs, and Sunday nights are often less crowded, making it a perfect time to enjoy the healing waters. Széchenyi Thermal Bath and Gellért Thermal Bath are two popular options that offer a variety of pools and services.

6. Walk Along the Danube Promenade

Budapest’s Danube Promenade offers stunning views of the river and its iconic bridges. Take a leisurely stroll while enjoying the illuminated cityscape. Along the way, you’ll pass notable landmarks such as the Shoes on the Danube Bank memorial, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the Chain Bridge. Stop for a coffee or gelato at one of the many charming cafes.

7. Experience the Széchenyi Chain Bridge

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge is not only a breathtaking sight but also offers a unique experience when crossing it. On Sunday nights, the bridge often hosts buskers and street performers, creating a lively and entertaining atmosphere. Take a walk across the bridge to soak in the vibe and enjoy the views of both Buda and Pest.


Budapest is a vibrant city that offers a wide range of activities and attractions on Sunday nights. Whether you prefer exploring its ruin bars, enjoying a Danube River cruise, indulging in local cuisine, attending a performance, visiting thermal baths, walking along the Danube Promenade, or experiencing the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Budapest has something to suit every interest.

Make the most of your Sunday night in Budapest by choosing a few activities from this guide. Remember to savor the local culture, take in the sights, and embrace the unique atmosphere of this beautiful city.





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