Where Are the Bars in Budapest

Welcome to Budapest, a vibrant city known for its nightlife and amazing bar scene. Whether you are a local or a visitor, Budapest offers a wide variety of bars to suit every taste and preference. In this blog post, we will guide you through some of the best areas in Budapest where you can find fantastic bars to enjoy.

1. District VII – The Party District

District VII, also known as the Jewish Quarter or the Ruin Bar District, is the epicenter of Budapest’s nightlife. The area is filled with unique bars located in abandoned buildings, courtyards, and basements. Ruin bars, such as Szimpla Kert and Instant, are a must-visit. These bars have a bohemian and alternative atmosphere, providing a quirky and memorable experience.

2. Király Street – Trendy Bars and Pubs

Király Street is a bustling street in Budapest dotted with trendy bars and pubs. The area attracts a young and hip crowd seeking a lively and energetic atmosphere. You can find popular spots like Kuplung, Fogasház, and Ellátó Kert. Enjoy a variety of craft beers, cocktails, and local drinks while soaking up the vibrant ambiance.

3. Gozsdu Udvar – Dining and Bar Crawl

Gozsdu Udvar is a unique courtyard passage in the heart of Budapest. This vibrant area is home to a range of restaurants, cafés, and bars. It’s an ideal place for a bar crawl, as you can explore different venues all in one place. You can enjoy a delicious dinner in one of the restaurants and then hop from bar to bar in the lively Gozsdu Udvar.

4. Wesselényi Street – Craft Beer Heaven

Beer lovers should not miss Wesselényi Street, where you can find some of the best craft beer bars in Budapest. Places like Élesztő, Jónás Craft Beer House, and Hops Beer Bar offer a wide selection of local and international craft beers. Sample different flavors, learn about the brewing process, and enjoy the cozy and laid-back atmosphere.

5. Danube River – Riverside Bars

For a unique experience, head to the Danube River, where you can find several bars along the waterfront. Sip your favorite cocktail or beer while enjoying stunning panoramic views of Budapest’s iconic landmarks, such as the Parliament Building and Buda Castle. Some popular spots include A38, Budapest Park, and Pontoon.

6. District V – Elegant Cocktail Bars

District V, also known as Belváros, is the city center of Budapest. Here, you can find elegant cocktail bars that offer a more sophisticated atmosphere. Boutiq’ Bar, Tuk Tuk Bar, and Blue Fox The Bar are just a few examples. Indulge in expertly crafted cocktails prepared by skilled mixologists and enjoy the upscale surroundings.

7. Széchenyi Thermal Bath – Spa and Bar Experience

If you’re looking for a unique combination of relaxation and drinks, head to Széchenyi Thermal Bath. This iconic thermal bath complex allows visitors to unwind in thermal pools and saunas. As a bonus, you can enjoy refreshments from the outdoor bars located within the complex. Soak in the warm waters while sipping a cold beverage, creating a truly memorable experience.

8. Margaret Island – Nature and Chill Bars

If you want to escape the bustling city and enjoy some nature, Margaret Island is the perfect spot. This beautiful island on the Danube River is home to lush gardens, jogging paths, and relaxing bars. Grab a drink and find a quiet corner to unwind while being surrounded by nature’s beauty.


Budapest offers a remarkable bar scene that caters to every taste and preference. Whether you prefer quirky ruin bars, trendy pubs, elegant cocktail bars, or relaxing spots by the river, this city has it all. Plan your visit to these fantastic bar areas and immerse yourself in Budapest’s vibrant nightlife. Cheers!





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