Where to Find the Best Bars in Berlin

Welcome to Berlin, a city known for its vibrant nightlife, rich history, and diverse culture. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, exploring the city’s bar scene is a must-do activity. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through some of Berlin’s most popular and unique bars, so you can make the most of your time in the city.

1. Friedrichshain

Friedrichshain is a trendy neighborhood that offers a wide range of bars catering to all tastes. One notable spot is RAW-Gelände, an alternative complex with several bars, clubs, and beer gardens. It’s a great place to experience Berlin’s underground scene. Another popular spot is Simon-Dach-Straße, a street lined with bars and restaurants where you’ll find a mix of locals and tourists enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.

2. Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg is another neighborhood with a thriving bar scene. One highlight is Oranienstraße, a street filled with bars, pubs, and clubs. It’s an ideal place to bar-hop and explore different atmospheres. If you’re looking for a unique experience, check out SO36, a legendary punk rock club that has been part of Berlin’s alternative scene since the 1970s.

3. Mitte

Mitte is Berlin’s central district and offers a mix of historical sites and modern bars. One iconic bar in this area is Clärchens Ballhaus, one of Berlin’s oldest dance halls. Here, you can enjoy live music and dance the night away in a historic venue. Another must-visit spot is Tausend, a stylish bar located beneath a railway arch. It’s known for its excellent cocktails and dimly lit atmosphere.

4. Neukölln

Neukölln is a vibrant neighborhood attracting a young and creative crowd. For a cozy and laid-back experience, visit Weserstraße. This street is home to numerous bars and cafes, where you can enjoy a drink and soak up the artistic atmosphere. If you’re a fan of craft beer, be sure to check out BRLO Brwhouse. They offer a variety of unique brews and a fantastic beer garden.

5. Wedding

Wedding is an up-and-coming district with an emerging bar scene. One gem worth visiting is Ankerklause, a quirky bar located by the canal. It’s the perfect spot to relax with a drink while enjoying the view. Another notable mention is Eschenbräu, a local brewery known for its selection of craft beers. It’s a great place to socialize and discover the local beer culture.

6. Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg is a trendy and hip neighborhood with a lively bar scene. For a unique experience, head to Prater Garten, one of Berlin’s oldest beer gardens. It’s an ideal spot to enjoy a refreshing beer and soak up the atmosphere. If you’re in the mood for cocktails, don’t miss The Green Door. Hidden behind an inconspicuous green door lies a cozy bar with a speakeasy vibe.

7. Charlottenburg

In Charlottenburg, you’ll find a mix of upscale bars and cozy pubs. For a touch of class, head to The Curtain Club. This sophisticated bar offers an extensive selection of cocktails, and its luxurious ambiance makes it the perfect place for a special occasion. If you prefer a more laid-back atmosphere, check out Art Stalker. This artsy bar combines drinks with live music and exhibitions.


Berlin is a city brimming with exciting and diverse bars, catering to all tastes and preferences. Whether you’re into underground clubs, historic venues, craft beer, or innovative cocktails, you’ll find something that suits your style. Don’t be afraid to venture beyond the popular areas and explore the lesser-known neighborhoods, as they often offer hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Cheers to your Berlin bar-hopping adventure!





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