What to Wear in Budapest in December


If you’re planning a trip to Budapest in December, it’s essential to dress appropriately for the weather. Budapest experiences cold temperatures during this time of the year, with average highs around 4°C (39°F) and lows around -3°C (26°F). This blog post will guide you on what to wear in Budapest in December, ensuring you stay warm, comfortable, and stylish throughout your visit.


When it comes to outerwear, a warm winter coat is a must. Look for a coat made of wool or down, preferably with a hood to protect you from the cold wind. Make sure the coat is long enough to cover your hips for added warmth. Also, consider layering with a sweater or a fleece jacket underneath for extra insulation.


Don’t forget your accessories! In December, Budapest can be quite windy, so a scarf and a beanie or a hat are essential to keep your head and neck warm. Additionally, invest in a good pair of gloves or mittens to protect your hands from the freezing temperatures.


Choosing the right footwear is crucial to navigate the snowy streets of Budapest. Opt for waterproof boots with good traction to prevent slipping on icy surfaces. Insulated or lined boots will help keep your feet warm, and make sure they are comfortable for walking long distances as you explore the city.


To keep your feet cozy and dry, wear thick, thermal socks that wick away moisture. Consider packing multiple pairs so you can change them if needed during your stay.


For your bottom half, opt for pants or jeans made of thicker materials like wool or denim. These fabrics provide better insulation compared to thinner materials. You can also consider wearing thermal leggings or long underwear underneath for added warmth.


The key to staying comfortable in Budapest’s fluctuating temperatures is layering. Packing a mix of short and long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, and cardigans will allow you to adjust your clothing according to the weather. You can wear multiple layers underneath your coat and remove or add them as needed throughout the day.

What to Pack

Here’s a handy checklist of what to pack for your trip to Budapest in December:

  • Warm winter coat
  • Sweaters and cardigans
  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Thermal leggings or long underwear
  • Waterproof boots
  • Thick thermal socks
  • Scarf
  • Beanie or hat
  • Gloves or mittens


Here are some additional tips to keep in mind while dressing for Budapest in December:

  • Layering is key to adjust to temperature changes throughout the day.
  • Wear a warm hat that covers your ears to protect them from the cold wind.
  • Consider packing hand warmers for extra comfort.
  • Wear comfortable, waterproof shoes to navigate snow and ice on the streets.
  • Carry an umbrella or a waterproof jacket in case of rain or snow.


Dressing appropriately for the weather in Budapest in December is essential to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip. By following these tips and packing the right clothing and accessories, you can stay warm and stylish while exploring this beautiful city. Remember to layer, wear waterproof footwear, and don’t forget your hat, gloves, and scarf!





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